Philosophy is a Great Major is a website created by Dr. Jack Russell Weinstein, Chester Fritz Distinguished Professor of Philosophy and Director of the Institute for Philosophy in Public Life at the University of North Dakota. He is the host of Why? Radio, a monthly radio show and podcast dedicated to accessible philosophy conversations with some of the world’s best thinkers.

This site was born out of two frustrations: the constant need of Jack’s students to justify their choice of major to skeptical parents, and his own continual attempt to explain philosophy’s importance to resistant university administrators.

The issue wasn’t that it was hard to present a justification. It was that no one was willing to listen. The parents and administrators (and, in fact, some of Jack’s own students) were simply  prejudiced against philosophy. As with all prejudiced people, their beliefs were wrong.

Please use this website as a tool to show how useful philosophy is. Point out all the economic data that show philosophy students get good jobs and make money. Highlight the successful people (famous or not) who have built their lives on philosophy degrees. Look through the class guide to see where you, your friends, or your children might want to start.

Philosophy has shown its worth time and time again. Philosophy is a Great Major is simply a place to turn to with lots of evidence.

If you know of a useful article that we haven’t posted or some people who should be featured (including yourself), or if you just want to comment on the site, drop us a line through our contact form. We’d love to hear from you.

More information about Jack Russell Weinstein can be found at: www.jackrussellweinstein.com

More information about the Institute for Philosophy in Public Life can be found at www.philosophyinpubliclife.org.

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