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Are you a successful person with a philosophy degree? If so, share your story to help show how important philosophy has been to your life and, especially, your career.

Send us your name, email, and your answers to the following questions. If we can use your submission, we will contact you and ask you for a photo. And, please take the time to proofread your answers and make them as clear as possible. Remember, we are marketing philosophy and want to show it at its best and most accessible.

Question 1: When and where did you get your Philosophy degree?

Question 2: What is your current job or career?

Question 3: What skills were you able to learn through philosophy that helped you succeed at your job or career?

Question 4: Were there any ideas, attitudes, or things other than skills, that philosophy provided to help you succeed?

Question 5: What would you say to people who are skeptical about the value of philosophy?

You can submit your answers using the form below or send it directly to Thank you for sharing. We’ll be in touch, soon!

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