Philosophy is a Great Major

Get a job. Choose your career. Be prepared for the unexpected.

They told you that philosophy majors don’t get jobs. They told you that you should practice asking “do you want fries with that?” They told you philosophy wasn’t about real-world skills. They were wrong.

Philosophy is a great degree to help you get your first job.
It’s a fabulous degree to help you get your second, fifth, and eighth.

What colleges don’t tell you is that most graduates change their careers  many times. So, if you spent your entire time in college studying engineering and it turns out that you hate being an engineer, you have to start from scratch. You’ve wasted your time and money. It’s the same with journalism, pre-med, or law school. It’s the same with anything.

But philosophy doesn’t teach you one specific skill–it teaches you how to learn, how to think critically, and how to choose and flourish in whatever career you want. And if you are up for it, philosophy is an excellent double major. You don’t need to do just philosophy; philosophy works with everything. Philosophy is economic stability. Philosophy is freedom.



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What if I just want to take a few classes, but not major? Which classes should I take?

It’s easy to find choosing a class overwhelming, especially if you have’t ever taken any philosophy before. Not to worry. We will help you choose. We have a list of the most common courses with short descriptions and, most importantly, the skills that these courses usually improve. We also list what other majors the courses are particularly useful for.


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Are you a successful person with a philosophy degree?

Send us your story so we can show how important philosophy has been to your life and, especially, your careers. It’s easy: just respond to our questions on our contact page.


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What is Philosophy?

Watch this short video to learn about philosophy and the job skills it offers.