What’s it like to be a philosophy student? An interview with four philosophy majors.

In March of 2023, the radio show Why? Philosophical Discussions About Everyday Life, interviewed four philosophy students at different stages of their academic careers. They had a deep and compelling discussion about their experiences as majors: what’s it like studying philosophy in a culture obsessed with job readiness? Are professors’ expectations difficult to meet? How much of what they learn feels academic and how much is intimate, requiring self-examination and behavioral change? This is a must-listen to episode for students and parents alike.

Why? Radio is the flagship project of the Institute for Philosophy in Public Life, the organization that maintains PhilosophyIsAGreatMajor.com. It’s host Jack Russell Weinstein is a philosophy professor and Director of the Institute. His interviewees are his current students. They each report what studying philosophy is like in their own words., elaborate on their struggles with learning during Covid, explore the difficulties of attending university as an indigenous student, and, in some very moving discussion, recount the experience of being in Jack’s own class.

Listen to the episode by clicking here.

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