Hedge Fund Investor Donates $75 million to Philosophy Department, Attributing his Success to Philosophy.

Bill Miller just donated $75,000,000 to The Johns Hopkins University Philosophy Department. He did it because he credits his business success to the education he received there.

In fact, he is quite clear that the first philosophy course he took changed his life:

“I had taken exactly one philosophy course in college, but it led me to read a lot more philosophy when I was in the army during the Vietnam War,” says Miller to Johns Hopkins’ online news outlet, the Hub. “I decided to apply to a PhD program once my time in the military was ending.”

After his time in the Johns Hopkins philosophy graduate program, Miller went on to start his own investment fund. He beat the S&P 500 for 15 years straight through 2005!

He sees a direct connection between his success and the philosophy courses he took:

“I attribute much of my business success to the analytical training and habits of mind that were developed when I was a graduate student at Johns Hopkins,” Miller says.

Click to read the full text at CNBC.

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